If you come at me about people I care about with misinformation I will drag you by your fucking hair through the library of truth don’t fuckin test me

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I don’t do well with trolling or blatant ignorance. Shut the fuck up talking to me if you don’t like Justin Bieber. I and the rest of us who do, don’t give a fuck. I solemnly swear we don’t.

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female sloths literally scream when they want sex and can be heard up to 700 meters away


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i wanna intimidate you

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Wow I'm creating shitstorms..






I’ve officially dedicated tonight to asking believers if they have mental issues, telling them to go listen to mcr, and then watching them shit themselves

You have “ponycorn” in your title please sit

no what you did was put yourself on a permanent drag…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Pony corn is a life style young one. It’s not hate when it’s fact. I’m not the one who worships a dude who said (and I quote) “rape happens for a reason.” And it’s totally trolling. Duh.

Is it just me ya’ll or did this poor unfortunate soul get lost in 2011? Or can she just not read because I KNOW that she knows that the world knows that that’s not what he said and we’ve been through this 1000 times.

block this simple bitch lol

it’s funny bc her ask box is off so she wants to talk shit for no reason but can’t take anyone calling her out on it I’m sleep

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