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Suddenly you’re 21 and you’re screaming along in your car to all the songs you used to listen to when you were sad in middle school and everything is different but everything is good

this post is so true

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Anonymous: Wow... you just said basically everything I was thinking. We saw too much from Zach to believe he doesn't at least hold some curiousity towards Frankie and being something more than strictly friends, but honestly I can see him putting his foot in his mouth big time once he's inevitably confronted with all the questions. Just hoping Frankie comes out of it with his heart in one piece


He’s going to look so stupid if he gets out of the house and says he’s 100% heterosexual, even more stupid if he claims again it was strategy.

  • Day 2 - mentions wanting to fuck Frankie
  • Week 1 - memorizes all of Frankie’s best friends’ names, holds Frankie’s hand, all the other HGs think Zach is closeted, tells Frankie he loves him and is constantly missing him
  • *continues for weeks*
  • Week 5 - spooning and cuddling in bed, petting each other to sleep, talking about living together and getting married, how they’re in love with each other
  • *continues for weeks*
  • Zach’s Last Week - even after being lied to the entire competition, still tells Frankie he’s madly in love with him, how they’re best friends, how he doesn’t know why but he just feels so happy around him and they continue to spoon and Frankie’s sexual jokes get more intense to which only Zach giggles
  • Zach’s Last Night - Even after Frankie putting him on the block and his game is over and he no longer has to fake any kind of thoughts or feelings to the guests, Frankie full on mouths Zach’s dick thru his shorts, to which Zach…. slaps him? Hits him? Freaks out? Pushes him off? Oh, wait, no, he giggles and just goes “FRAANKKIIIIIEEEEE OH MY GOOOODDD”


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My favorite Zach “gameplay” moment was when Frankie put his mouth on Zach’s dick through his shorts and Zach just giggled like a little girl.

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Be careful who you vent to.
—Realest shit I’ve heard all morning (via piink-sugar)

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Anonymous: Zach's dad doesn't seem bad either. I'm leaving it that the Rance men are fine. The women are a little ehhh. I'm sure they'll come around, or at least I hope.

i agree. I never really paid attention to zach’s dad until this past week bc all that anyone ever talked about was jill and i followed her and peyton. i unfollowed her when she started getting crazy, but I’ve always followed peyton bc that boy is the cutest child ever i love him. zach’s cousin is…idk she’s hot and cold. from what I’ve seen, zach’s dad seems to be pretty chill and he’s given me no reason to dislike him. jill and zach’s cousin need to take notes from him tbh. i just hope they all stay open-minded bc at the end of the day, it’s pretty much a certainty that zach and frankie will at least be friends, if nothing else. 

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